About me

After working in business and government for more than 25 years as a project manager, an information specialist and IT professional I have decided to start my own company, a couple of years ago.

What do we do? We design, host and maintain websites for individuals and small or medium sized companies and deliver additional services like SEO, Branding and designing  Logo's, business cards.

I hear you say, "there are quite a lot of web designers out there, so why should I choose you?"

I will give you some reasons. 

  1. I just like to do this kind of work, you will notice that in a very reasonable price, personal attention from start to finish, good after sales and an excellent result.I am a very good listener what people want to achieve with their website, but I am also not afraid to tell you if, to my opinion, something you might want is not going to work. So you will find a very good sparring partner in me.
  2. I am definitely not a technology nerd that just wants to add as much features on a website as possible. Because of my large experience working inside and outside the ICT-business, by now I think I have a pretty good knowledge what small companies want to achieve with their presence on the web and what visitors expect from a good website. They do want a clear, fast accessible website in a pleasant and clean layout
  3. I also make my websites to be easily updated by you, the end user.  You don't depend on me to change some text or add pictures. You can do it yourself, without any programs or IT knowledge, just simply by using your web browser.
  4. I make use of the most popular open source Content Management System, called Joomla, which has a number of great advantages for you:


  • It means you will invest in a technology that will last for a very long time. Over 1 million developers are constantly improving, and expanding this system, more than 30 million sites are built with it.
  • You automatically make use of the latest technologies.
  • It is usable for a enormous wide variety of companies and is extremely expandable, you can start as one-man shop and end up with a multinational with Joomla.
  • There are thousands of other Joomla designers, you are not stuck with me, although I will try to keep you as customer of course. Wink

I you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me or have a look at some recent examples